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Mim Aylett has a BA (Hons) in Humanities with a major in Fine Art. She is also a Reiki Master and possesses a diploma Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy. Previously based in London, she has worked as a specialist decorator and muralist with many prestigious clients. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Interiors, Elle Decoration and House and Garden, as well as being published in two books; The Art of Woodgraining (1988) and The Art of Marbling (1989).





General house painting and re-decoration to your exact specifications.



A technique dating back to the Egyptian pyramids- the accurate representation of woods such as Oak, Mahogany, Walnut and Maple, has lost none of its appeal. Our faux bois finishes are the environmentally friendly way to enjoy the warmth, sophistication and natural beauty of these woods.

A stunning effect when used in a panelling system for studies, libraries and dining rooms, or inlaid tables and marquetry floors, and a completely convincing application for doors, skirtings, dados and architraves.



Based on a close study of the natural stones, and a thorough understanding of the traditional art of veining and softening transparent glazes of paint. Simulations of specific marbles such as Carrera, Sienna, Vert de Mer and Breche Violet, evoke an immediate impression of classicism and grandeur. 

Faux Marble is effective in a variety of applications. It can be presented in a classical system of panels, confined to fireplaces and other architectural details, or treated as an unrestricted fantasy scheme. 



Paint finishes originated in the crafts of Woodgraining and Marbling and the employ a similar process involving the manipulation of transparent glazes, mixed using artists quality paints to ensure a range and luminosity of colour not available commercially. Paint finishes can be Stippled, Dragged, Colour Washed or Ragged and Softened to create a wide range of elegant and sophisticated effects. 




The careful application of 'transfer' or loose metal leaf to a previously prepared surface, with various applications including frames, furniture and architectural features. Traditionally the ultimate status symbol, the use of guilding in decoration has a certain mystique which adds to it's inimitable and enduring effect. 


Or Rustification. Lends an air of monumental solidity and architectural consequence which can be particularly effective in entrance halls, stairwells and other awkward areas. 



From a discreet border or individual motif to multiple stencil overlays reminiscent of faded wallpaper- stencils can be designed and cut to your specification in the studio and applied in Oil or Water Based paint to many surfaces including textiles, floors and furniture. It is an ideal way to introduce pattern and movement to an otherwise static space. 




A traditional method of painting which, literally translated, "tricks the eye of the spectator into believing the illusion." Faux skies, columns or bookcases - or doors and windows, giving way to classical or modern vistas - the possibilities are endless. A very effective way to create a focal point or complete optical illusion. 



The ultimate illusion, a mural can enliven a dull space, disguise and eyesore, make a statement, or create an atmosphere. Classical or modern, internal or external, from nursery to boardroom to building site hoarding, original artwork can be created in any style. 

All stages of the decorative process, from design and preparation to a finish of the highest specification, can be undertaken.












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